Florida Cop Tasered Cuffed Woman Who Became Braindead After Fall, Now He Gets Death Threats

Jackson Marciana
March 21, 2015

(Counter Current News) A Florida police officer, 267-pound Trooper Daniel Cole, may have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, but he is not off the hook with angry citizens.
Trooper Cole made headlines when he tasered a 20 year old handcuffed girl in the back as she fled. The tasering incident was caught on video showing officer Cole firing the taser at the handcuffed Danielle Maudsley, who was a mere 100 pounds.

Trooper Cole outweighed the girl by at two and a half times. It was clear that she posed no threat to the trooper, but he couldn’t be bothered to run after her, so he tasered her and she fell on her head.

Once tasered, she was unable to catch herself, as her muscles seized up. She suffered severe brain damage as a result.

Watch the video below…

But since that encounter in September of 2013, at the FHP Pinellas Park Substation, Cole has been receiving death threats on a website.

Chip DeBlock explained to local FOX 13 that a moderator on the site LEOAffairs.com reported online threats against Trooper Daniel Cole.

“We do a very dangerous job. It hits home,” DeBlock commented. “Having someone make a death threat against a trooper, we take very seriously.”

LEOAffiars.com ran an article on Cole. A comment was posted in response that read in part: “This (expletive) needs to be shot. Bind his arms and legs and feed him to hungry wolves. This despicable piece of trash needs to die.”

Watch the local report below…

“It doesn’t matter that it was Trooper Cole or another trooper, what really matters is the context of the threat,” DeBlock added. “There should at least be an arrest made in this case.”

But DeBlock said that ignoring this sort of post would send the wrong message. “I think that it will send a message to open up the door for further threats, not just for Trooper Cole, but for other law enforcement officers in knowing that it’s really not taken seriously at all,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, Maudsley’s mother said that the prognosis was never good for her daughter since the incident with Trooper Cole. She was placed in a Fort Lauderdale rehab center, specializing in severe brain injuries, and remained in in vegetative state until she died last year.

This article originally appeared on Counter Current News and was used with permission.