Congressman Says Eric Garner’s Death is His Own Fault for Being Fat

Cassius Methyl
December 4, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Congressman Peter King (R-NY) appeared on CNN on Wednesday night as determined protestors filled the streets of NYC and cities across America to take a stand against the police killing innocent people with impunity.

The Congressman disrespectfully and coldly blamed the unarmed man’s death on his weight.

He said “If he had not had asthma, and a heart condition, and was so obese, he would not have died from this.”

An article from Think Progress says the congressman, “delivered an extended defense of the police killing of Eric Garner. King said that the officer, who employed an illegal chokehold to bring Garner down, was just doing his job. Ultimately, King pins says Garner was actually responsible for his own death.”

Watch the clip below:

You know what else would have prevented Eric Garner’s death? The NYPD not using excessive force against people for absolutely no reason. The police could have averted this by simply taking a step back from the situation, and thinking to themselves ‘what can I do to make sure nothing drastic happens here’?

Apparently Peter King doesn’t understand how terribly ineffective propaganda is these days.

Maybe he doesn’t have a clue just how many people are disgusted, in tears, in frustration or deep sorrow right now because one of their loved ones were killed by a cop.

Maybe he has no idea that, in addition to the thousands of Americans with loved ones recently murdered by police, millions of people are finding the will to actively protest incidents like this in America, that millions of people realize now they have pretty much no choice but to take some course of action to put this system in check for allowing so many killers to walk free.

In the coming days and weeks, this man will learn just how many people are willing to put efforts into protesting these incidents. He will find out that the number of people willing to put effort into protesting is increasing exponentially, and he will find out that this is just the beginning of a new era of standing up for our rights.

You are witnessing the death of the 20th century American apathy, being replaced by the birth of 21st century world wide web influenced awareness.

A generation is currently coming of age, who saw nothing but cold, dysfunctional suffering in this system.

This generation grew up with the internet, the ability to look up anything if they felt so inclined. This generation was not around to witness much of the prosperity of the ‘American Dream’; they saw nothing but the highest rates of incarceration in human history, police immune to prosecution, Wall Street bailouts, extreme wealth disparity, and institutionalized racism.

Unlike the generations who came of age before the internet, we are aware of the true nature of the system, and propaganda is now dying with along with the corporate media and television.

If you would like to share with this congressman how you feel about his comments, you can visit his Facebook page here.

Please share this with as many people as possible, to further illustrate just how cold and unsympathetic this man is, as well as the system he is a part of. His man is a representative of no one, and he should be called out for what he is; a man paid to support a system that brings suffering to our people under the guise of law and order.

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