DNA Technology Now Being Used to Catch Dog Owners for Not Cleaning up Poop

Cassius Methyl
April 9, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Seattle, WA — Apartment owners are using DNA evidence to catch culprits breaking petty rules; owners of dogs who fail to clean up their pet’s poop.

A company called BioPet Vet Lab sent “PooPrints testing kits” to dozens of apartment complex owners and homeowners associations in the Seattle area. Tenants pay a “one-time fee of $29.95 for DNA testing,” which is first collected by a cheek swab then registered online at the DNA World Pet Registry. According to BioPet’s website, “if waste is found on the ground, the profile can be matched and the management team can consult the correct pet owner — solving the ‘who did it’ problem at last!”

After the landlords logged the DNA of the apartments’ dogs, some dog owners have being fined multiple times for not cleaning up. One landlord claimed that “One person was fined five times in one week […] That’s over $500. Now people clean up after their dogs.”

The tests have now been used in thousands of locations across America.

According to the Seattle Times, “residents at the complex are mostly on board for having their dogs’ DNA tested,” though some residents voiced concerns. “One of them didn’t like the idea of having the DNA on file, thinking someone could clone their dog,”

Why is this relevant? Is this the future of nosy neighbors and other individuals in our society who would actually pay money to see someone fined? This mildly vengeful mentality is mixing with high technology to shape a strange future that could be coming to your home owners association (HOA) someday soon. Even more concerning, some cities and municipalities have laws on the books regarding dog waste, and could land people with government issued tickets or even incarceration if authorities begin using this technology.

From drones to dog poop, databases of your pets’ DNA could be yet another technology that has the possibility undermine your privacy.

What are your thoughts on this odd news? Reasonable deterrent to keep the streets clean of dog poo, or another Orwellian overreach? Please share your views on this story in the comments below, then pass this article along to your dog-loving friends.

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