Cop Kills Another Man on First Day Back on the Job Following Previous Shooting

Cassius Methyl
March 18, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Kenosha, WI — A police officer named Pablo Torres shot and killed 26 year-old Aaron Siler on Saturday following a high-speed chase. Aaron was shot as he fled on foot after crashing his car.

On Saturday morning, Aaron ran from police because he did not want to be incarcerated for “a felony probation and parole warrant”.

According to an article from The Guardian, “When Torres confronted Siler, [he] armed himself with a weapon,” and Torres fatally shot him

Predictably, this ‘weapon’ was not specified. It sounds like the man was shot in the back while fleeing, though details have not been released yet.

On March 4th, the officer Torres shot and killed a man who ‘advanced towards police with knives’. Just about 2 weeks later, he’s back on the job killing people again.

A supreme court ruling that allows for cops to murder people who instigate ‘high speed chases’ is clearly now in effect.

So what’s the actual solution to this epidemic of police murder and brutality? Well, activists have been wondering that for years now.

Please share this with as many people as possible for the sake of actually trying to come up with a solution, and never forgetting our civic duty to put a stop to state violence.

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