Cop Killers vs. Killer Cops Narrative Shows Hypocrisy in Government and Media

Carey Wedler (TheAntiMedia)
September 19, 2014

In light of last week’s cop killing committed by an “anti-government” sniper, Eric Matthew Frein in Pennsylvania, state troopers are on high alert. In a news conference, Lt. Col. Bivens, Deputy Commissioner of Operations of the PA state police offered that they are “not intimidatedand addressing Frein specifically,  said “we are coming for you.” Frein reportedly ambushed two police officers, killing Corporal Byron Dixon and seriously wounding trooper Alex T. Douglass. He is said to have fantasies of mass murder.

The Pennsylvania police force is offering a $75,000 reward for the whereabouts of the alleged killer and the FBI has added Frein to its most wanted list with a $100,000 reward. The government is clearly, staunchly committed to finding the alleged cop killer.

While it has been deemed in United States courts that police officers are not obligated to protect and serve, their ravenous pursuit of those who violate the law when it affects a police officer is unparalleled, as is the media’s sensationalized attention to cop killers and omission of the vast majority of killer cops.

Christopher Dorner

When ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner began shooting at cops and those related to them in 2013 in an attempt at vengeance against his view of the LAPD’s racism, corruption, and refusal to remedy it, police went on a vicious “manhunt” and the media went wild. LAPD harmed innocent civilians but imposed no discipline on misbehaving officers. When two police officers were killed in June of this year in Las Vegas, they received a ceremonious funeral, as Byron Dixon received this week with thousands of officers from across the nation turning out to mourn.

Rarely do departments pursue murderers with the fervor they do when the victims are their own officers. No government mourning takes place for the civilians murdered every day by police. Paid vacations are doled out, instead, and courts let violent cops walk free. Sloppy excuses for murder and brutality are accepted, even when video evidence exposes them as lies.

But it isn’t just police forces that are responsible for this double-standard in acts of violence. The conglomerated media works tirelessly to shape the narrative on cop killers versus killer cops. While it may occasionally cover extreme acts of police brutality that draw noisy dissent, the vast majority of stories fall by the wayside.

Perhaps this disparity in coverage is a result of the astronomical rate of police violence that happens every day. If the media were to cover every single instance of police murder and misconduct as they do attacks on police, they would have no time to stir up war propaganda, cover Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marital difficulties, and interview talking head politicians.

But this lack of coverage of aggressive law enforcement is also because the media can much more easily sensationalize a story about an “anti-government,” “libertarian-leaning,” survivalist who killed a cop doing nothing wrong than it can a story of everyday police abuse. The story of a crazed killer who hates law-enforcement is much easier to square with the perpetual narrative about the need for the state to combat everything from gun violence to domestic terrorism to Ebola than are stories of corrupt power and sadistic assaults on the part of cops.

But therein lies an even deeper problem: an American population so effectively fear-mongered that most stories of police brutality fall on deaf ears. It is a population that has embraced and fetishized violence so deeply and is so desperate for protection from the government that it cannot process the reality that the state is its biggest brutalizer. It accepts spoon-fed stories of terrorist threats as  justification to sacrifice their freedoms, even as the organizations usurping said freedoms are incompetent to keep them safe.

It is telling that the Pennsylvania cop killer was raised in a military family and for fun, re-enacted military battles. He carried weaponry and military gear and he carried a US Army manual called “Sniper Training and Employment.” Yet this parallel to institutionalized violence is lost on the people and the media. They cannot see that the precedent for violence set by a military (and now militarized police) and society that excuses and values government force is bound to manifest in the population.

It is correct to blame the government and to chastise the media for molding public opinion and it is vital to call them out. But in spite of the manipulative forces pressing upon the minds of the American people, responsibility rests squarely on them. It is their consent that allows the hypocrisy to continue and their perspectives that must encompass a condemnation of all kinds of aggressionincluding that of their government.

As dim as the situation may seem, however, cracks in the facade of mainstream narratives are growing ever-more apparent. More people are turning to alternative media to form their opinions and more are skeptical of police and government in general. Cop Block is growing while  faith in the mainstream media is waning. The more aggressive and oppressive the government and its media cheerleaders become in their attempts to control and shape opinion, the more people will begin to shift their perspective against flagrant abuses of power and shameless uses of violence.

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