Congress Complains its IP Address was Censored by Wikipedia, OK with it Happening to you

Justin King | The Anti-Media  

Wikipedia_CensoredCongressional staffers are crying about a ten day ban issued to certain congressional IP addresses. Wikipedia’s move comes after unworthy edits to the online encyclopedia were traced back to congressional offices. The outpouring of indignation from staffers is falling on deaf ears. Thumbnail credit

One congressional staffer had the gall to say that they were all being punished for the “actions of two or three.” Welcome to America. Welcome to the surveillance state your bosses created. Every word typed on a keyboard is intercepted and monitored by the government, all for the “actions of two or three.” Children and teens get groped at the airport in a fashion that would send a non-government employee to prison for years, all for the “actions of two or three.” The government has constantly whittled away the basic rights of citizens and expects the people to care when they cry “censorship” because they can’t waste taxpayer dollars editing Wikipedia pages about political opponents.

The “free speech” the staffers want protected is the ability to edit a Wikipedia page about Donald Rumsfeld to say that he is an “alien lizard.” There was also the very unbiased encyclopedic entry change that referred to Ukrainian politician Nataliya Vitrenko as a “Russian puppet.” It’s clear that the edits are simply an attempt to pervert Wikipedia into a government and political propaganda machine.

The truth is that the powers that be in governments all over the world love censorship. At every opportunity, the US Congress has consistently moved to advance internet censorship and force the American people into self-censorship through cyber-security bills. The only time the US government seems to act in favor of the First Amendment is when the “free speech” dollars that pour into congressional re-election campaigns are threatened. European governments are moving forward with a “Right to be forgotten” policy that will censor search results so that their past indiscretions can’t be found.

The corporate powers behind the elected representatives control and censor just about every form of mass media in existence. The only bastion of semi-unregulated free speech is the internet; it needs to stay that way. As long as governments are pushing to censor everyone’s ability to use the web freely to spread ideas and provoke discussion, the normal defenders of Free Speech will remain silent as congressional staffers are stopped from spreading anti-Russian, anti-Cuban, or any other form of state propaganda.

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