City Pays Out $460,000 In Police Beating Lawsuit, but only $1,000 Goes to Victim

SM Gibson
October 23, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) The city of Birmingham, Alabama agreed to pay $460,000 in a police brutality lawsuit on Tuesday.

The plaintiff, Anthony Warren, will only be receiving $1,000 of the almost half a million dollars awarded by the city. The terms of the settlement, which were approved by Mayor William Bell and the Birmingham City Council, grant the remaining $459,000 to Warren’s lawyers.

Warren was represented by Attorney Wendy Brooks Crew. Alyson Hood-Rains and Cameron L Hogan also represented the plaintiff at the civil trial.

In 2008, Mr. Warren was involved in a high speed chase with Birmingham officers which resulted in his vehicle flipping and him being ejected from his SUV. As Anthony Warren lie unconscious, Birmingham P.D. rushed the wreckage and proceeded to beat his lifeless body.

Watch the altercation below:

Five Birmingham officers were fired for the incident.

All five were later reinstated.

Warren is currently serving a 20-year sentence in state prison on an attempted murder charge to the injury of the officer who was struck during the chase.

The city claims that the settlement was reached to save tax payer money. According to Michael Choy, the attorney who represented the officers, “In order to avoid cross appeals and protracted litigation and in order to save taxpayer dollars, it was decided to the end litigation at this point.”

Attorneys representing Warren were initially demanding a payment of $1.4 million dollars from the city.

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