CIA Whistleblower "Goes Through Proper Channels," Sentenced to Prison Anyway

Reagan Ali
January 28, 2015

(COUNTERCURRENT) He tried to “work within the system” to change it. But that didn’t work out very well for CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling.

The mainstream, corporate media have essentially ignored the trial and conviction that was handed down Monday.

The indictment of the former CIA officer came four years ago, with the Justice Department portrayed Sterling as an “angry” and “vengeful” man. He was just “disgruntled” rather than righteously upset with corruption and cover-ups.

Sterling was fired from the CIA early on in the Bush administration. This came after he filed a racial discrimination lawsuit. Sterling was one of only a handful of African-American case officers in the CIA.

Sterling tried to go through the proper channels to the Senate Intelligence Committee back in 2003 in order to spill the beans on the dangerous Operation Merlin, which literally gave intentionally flawed nuclear designs to Iran, in 2000.

Two weeks ago Sterling finally went to trial. There were testimonies against him from the likes of Condoleezza Rice and former CIA employees. He was supposed to be protected as a whistleblower, under legislation supported – even promised – by President Obama. But this legislation has proved impotent to protect people who blow the whistle on the government. He was found guilty on all counts he was charged with.

Watch the video below and help spread the word about Sterling’s case.

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