The Bipolar Nature of US Military Aid

Justin King
October 13, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) The United States pledged around $210 million to help rebuild schools, hospitals, and other civilian buildings damaged during the latest war in Gaza. While some may argue against rebuilding, perhaps a better solution is to stop paying for the buildings to be blown up in the first place. The United States provided $8.5 million in military aid to Israel yesterday, today, and will provide that same amount tomorrow.  It works out to around $3.1 billion per year.

Understand that Israel’s entire military budget is just $14.5 billion. That includes the $3.1 billion the US taxpayers fork over every year. Israel is only willing to spend $11.4 billion of its own tax dollars on its military. The US is providing aid that equals more than 25% of the money they are willing to spend themselves. This aid is part of a 10-year deal reached in 2007. Of course, it won’t really end in 2017. Officials are already committed to extending it.

So first the taxpayers are paying to blow up civilian buildings, and then the taxpayers pay to rebuild them. This is a perfect example of the out of control spending that is systemic in Washington.

If the US government is willing to provide military aid to another nation, it should be certain the people the recipient nation is killing are enemies of the US. If they are not, perhaps military aid isn’t a viable option.

Aside from the outright lunacy of paying for both sides of a war, it’s time to cut military aid to Israel. The United States cannot be responsible for funding an army that is responsible for war crimes in battle and apartheid in peacetime.

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