Bernie Sanders Just Went Full Hypocrite

SM Gibson
November 5, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) It is no secret that America’s democratic socialist sweetheart, Bernie Sanders, loves big government. In Bernie’s world, freedom isn’t a God-given right — it’s government-granted and subject to regulation. Whether you believe Bernie is here to save us from the wicked greed of the elite or you have conjured up the idea that he is a scourge sent to oppose all you believe the United States stands for, he is ultimately just another politician. And like most politicians, Bernie’s actions don’t exactly match his rhetoric.

While we the people are told to practice what our ‘leaders’ preach, bureaucrats are busy pursuing the philosophy of ‘doing what they want.’ Uncle Bernie is no different.

The Democratic presidential candidate from Vermont has publicly spoken out against Uber, the popular car-hailing provider, stating it is “unregulated” and has “serious problems.” That must be why 100% of the senator’s campaign spending on taxi or ride-sharing services went to…(drum roll)…Uber. [insert Curb Your Enthusiasm theme music here]

Regardless of this blatant hypocrisy, Bernie’s statements regarding Uber are false. There are 54 jurisdictions within the United States where the service is regulated, according to an Uber spokesperson. That number doesn’t include the multitude of proposed regulations at municipal and state levels from around the United States that have not yet been enacted. So, when Senator Sanders says Uber is “unregulated,” what he actually means is he wants more government intrusion and more regulation.

While something like the form of transport a presidential candidate uses may seem inconsequential, think of the numerous other more important issues Bernie has “serious problems” with.

I wonder if he’ll ride with them too?

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