Bank of America Spied on Actvists Before “Million Mask March” [VIDEO]

Bank of America, Feds spied on activists leading up to the “Million Mask March”

January 10, 2014
Andrew Pontbriand

Legally obtained documents show that Bank of America, Capitol Police, and Counter-Terrorism Agencies of the Federal Government were involved in spying on activists planning to attend the Million Mask March.

The Million Mask March, which took place of November 5, 2013 – also known as Guy Fawkes Day, had upwards of a thousand protesters flooding the streets of DC, along with many activists, journalists, and the like.

The protesters were Marching to spread awareness about global inequality, spying, the big banks, and corruption world wide among many other topics. But, it now turns out many of these activists were spied on leading up to the event.

Bank of America even used 20 of it’s own employees to track some of the activists who planned to attend on Social Media, and other websites.

Source:  RT,

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