A Festivus Airing of Grievances

SM Gibson
December 23, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) For fans of the television show Seinfeld, December 23rd has become somewhat of a pseudo holiday. George Costanza’s father on the show, Frank Costanza, created an alternative day of celebration because he was tired of the commercialism of Christmas. After ‘reigning blows’ upon another man who was reaching for the same doll as Frank, a Festivus for the rest of us was born.

Although it was a fictitious holiday on a fictitious sitcom, many have begun recognizing the day by sharing their ‘airing of grievances’. Senator Rand Paul even famously took to Twitter last year to let the world know who and what had ticked him off over the previous 365 days. While celebrating Festivus by displaying the ‘traditional’ aluminum pole hasn’t quite taken off, expressing how everyone has disappointed us over the past year now seems to be apart of modern culture.

Now without any further adieu, I’ve got a lot of problems with you people and now you’re gonna hear about it.

  • I’m sick of how all lives are not viewed as equal.
  • I’m sick of people making excuses for the actions of governments all over the world.
  • I’m sick of being lied to by the media.
  • I hate being spied on by the government.
  • I hate politicians saying they have our best interests in mind but don’t.
  • I’m sick of going to the airport and being touched inappropriately.
  • I’m sick of the media distracting people by focusing on specific narratives while Washington quietly steals what little freedoms we have left.
  • I’m tired of my tax dollars being sent overseas.
  • I’m tired of the two party system.
  • I’m really tired of people killing people.
  • I’m disgusted at anyone who thinks they are above the law.
  • I hate how people like Al Sharpton and Sean Hannity use tragedies to line their pockets with money.
  • I’m sick of people believing that Edward Snowden is anything but a hero.
  • I hate that a Nobel Peace Prize Winner (Obama) is keeping a Nobel Peace Prize nominee Chelsea Manning locked up in jail.
  • I’m tired of justice not being served.
  • I’m tried of a banking system that is holding the economies of the world hostage.
  • I’m sick of the Federal Reserve.
  • I hate how government spends more money killing people than feeding people.
  • I really dislike Dick Cheney.
  • I’m sick of people talking about Jeb Bush running for President.

And last but not least, I hate having to wait all year to watch new episodes of House of Cards when I can watch an entire season in one day.

I could probably rant on and on about the stuff that gets under my skin for pages but I will spare everyone thousands of words of complaining and end my list here.

This concludes this year’s airing of grievances. Now on to the Feats of Strength.

Happy Festivus everyone!!!

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