8 Year-Old Becomes Suicidal From Seizure Drugs, Nearly Cured Switching to Cannabis Oil

Cassius Methyl
November 24, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Things went from bad to worse when 8 year-old Forrest Smelser of Eugene, Oregon was given the drug Trileptal (Oxcarbazepine) to treat his seizures after being diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after he turned 8. On some days, he would have seizures as frequently as every 15 minutes.

“If he has a seizure that lasts longer than three minutes, we’re venturing into brain damage territory,”  said his mother Tanesha. Old Becomes Suicidal From Seizure Drugs, Nearly Cured Switching to Cannabis Oil

A predictably dangerous synthetic product of Big Pharma, one website offering to help file lawsuits for victims of the drug says –

“Some users of the epilepsy and anti-anxiety drug quinine sulfate—sold under the brand name Trileptal—have developed serious skin disorders and suicidal ideations. “

Because of the drug’s dangerous side effects and overall ineffectiveness, Smelser’s family decided to take him off of it, and treat him with the oil of the cannabis plant instead.

When he was on the drug (and still had to go to the emergency room for seizures), “He would scream, he would fight, he would punch himself,” said Tanesha.

Not only that, but the little boy actually became suicidal. Can you imagine that? An 8 year old boy becoming suicidal because of some synthesized chemical.

Since he has started his CBD oil treatment, his mother says “I have my son again. He’s not this fog of a child. He’s not this angry child. He’s my child exactly,”

The boy himself said “Now that I’m on this medication, I feel like a normal boy,”

The Oregon Health Authority says 195 of the 69,004 participants in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program are minors.

Because the treatment was expensive, the good hearted people at TJ’s Organic Gardens in Oregon even offered to pay for the child’s treatment.

Jim Murphy, the man who is donating the medicine, says “To be part of the fix is pretty special,” and “It’s a payment within itself.”

Not only that, but he is looking to pay for the medicine of 500 other children.

“We’re not doctors. We don’t have doctors on staff. We are what we are – concerned parents,” Murphy continued.

tanesha-smelser“I feel like it saved his life,” the mother also said. “It has saved his life.”

Please share this amazing story with as many people as possible; these are truly people who care about their patients, and this is a truly effective medicine. Parents are fighting for the right to medicate their kids with CBD oil and other cannabis products all over America, and eventually, they will surely all be legally able to do so because the effectiveness of cannabis simply cannot be denied at this point.

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