450 New Israeli Settlements to be Built in Palestinian Territory

Sydney Barakat
February 2, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) What?! Israel announced on Friday plans to build 450 new settlements in the occupied West Bank, as Aljazeera reported on Saturday.

Coincidence? We think not. The announcement has come (not so coincidentally) in time for the March 17th parliamentary elections, where Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking a fourth term as Prime Minister of Israel. The plan is seen as a way for Netanyahu to secure more settler votes (his approval rating isn’t doing so well, apparently).

Rights violations and war crimes. But more-so this is just another affirmation that Palestinian rights are being continually violated by the Israeli government. Their land is stolen time and time again from a government that has no privilege to it whatsoever, and furthermore Israeli is committing war crimes by unjustly uprooting Palestinians from their homes and cities.

Even Hebron? These hundreds of new settlements can be added to the list of other illegal (under International law) settlements that Israel has planted in Palestinian land. (The new settlements will even invade the Palestinian city of Hebron – which has the most Palestinian occupants after Gaza, and is seen as one of the most holy cities in Islam.) So talk about adding insult to injury. It is most certainly clear that Israel has no respect for Palestinian lives and land, or for Islamic holy places and sites.

America likely to stay silent. More than likely, the U.S. will just stay silent on the matter. President Obama even declined to meet with Netanyahu prior to the elections, so we’re guessing this won’t be up for discussion between the two leaders.

We can only hope that the March elections do not allow for Netanyahu’s fourth term – he has enough blood on his hands already.

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