2 Million Iraqis Volunteer to Fight Insurgents and What That Means

Justin King | The Anti-Media

The people of Iraq surprised the world when they turned out in the millions to answer a call for volunteers to fight against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) insurgents. The significant number of those willing to take up arms to defend the fledgling government signals much to military analysts. Thumbnail credit: wdbj7.com

In a country with a military-aged population of 7.7 million males, more than a quarter reportedly volunteered to leave their homes to fight the advancing insurgents. The Iraqi Ministry of Defense has received so many volunteers that it has said that it cannot process any more volunteers. To put that into perspective, if the United States was to deploy every single member of the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force to Iraq at once, it would not be able to match the number of Iraqis that volunteered for service.

The news certainly sent shockwaves through the ranks of ISIS. ISIS now faces a fighting force 150 times the size of its own. This massive turnout can be seen as nothing short of a total mandate for Iraq’s elected government. This insurgency is proving to be the catalyst that could bring a war-torn nation back together and put it on the road to complete self-sufficiency.

It also sends a clear message to those in DC that worried about Iraq falling to a fundamentalist regime. The Iraqi people do not want a fundamentalist government. They oppose it so much that 1 in 4 men of military age are willing to die to stop it.  Every ethnic group in Iraq has seen men volunteer to oppose the insurgents. These men fighting together against a common foe will be the future leaders of Iraq and the bond developed in this war may be able to end the years of sectarian violence.

The worst thing the Western powers could do at this point is intervene in any fashion. The fighting will be brutal, but out of the ashes of this war a new Iraq will emerge; an Iraq that wasn’t even imaginable a few short years ago. Intervention by the West has the potential to raise the question of whether the Iraqi government is simply a puppet of the West. Any assistance will undermine the sacrifices the Iraqi people are willing to make to defend the newfound liberty they have attained, and it will bring about more resentment of the West and of the government that accepted its help.

While some point out that the volunteers will be inadequately trained and that they are not professional soldiers, it should be noted that the volunteers are survivors of a decade long occupation by the West. These men are not strangers to combat, and they know exactly what they are volunteering to do. The value placed on “professional soldiers” has been overestimated in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and in every modern insurrection. Professional soldiers bring with them a narrow thought process and strategy that makes them predictable and the phenomenon has been witnessed so often it has been immortalized in the saying

“Professional soldiers are predictable,

but the world is full of dangerous amateurs.”

In this war, the world gets to witness something that rarely occurs: a war that is actually fought for liberty. The Iraqi people are out from under the thumb of Saddam and of the Western occupation, and they are risking their very lives to stay out from under the thumb of an extremist regime. The willingness of the Iraqi people to stand and fight for a moderate government may be the only silver lining to what has been a disastrous chain of events that began on March 19, 2003. It certainly appears that the need for US involvement in the country has come to an end.

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