Woman Kills Her Sexually Abusive Ex-Cop Stepfather, Faces Murder Charges

Carey Wedler
November 18, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Crescent City, FL- A Florida woman will stand trial next month for murdering her stepfather, a retired lieutenant with the Miami police force. Keleigh Adair Flint (also referred to in local publications as Keleigh Brinson) is a mentally ill woman, disappeared from the hospital (and was later found) a month before she murdered Michael Atkinson. She openly admitted her crime.

Once in custody, she told investigators that Atkinson had sexually abused her from a young age. Brinson told First Coast News he

“began preying on her while she was still school age – ‘not penetration,’ she clarified, but oral or manual stimulation. She told police he enjoyed humiliating her, and as she grew older, he would ask her to reenact her childhood confusion and disgust.”

Brinson claimed the abuse continued into her adulthood. Her mental illness, the details of which have not been released, led her social security checks to be paid out to Atkinson. She reported that in order to receive her checks, Atkinson subjected her to further sexual abuse throughout her adulthood. She told investigators:

“He makes me take pictures and he makes me do oral sex on video in order to receive my money…just look at the tapes.”

Police indeed found cameras, external hard drives, and flash drives that contained video footage of Brinson and Atkinson involved in sexual acts. Brinson’s neighbor and friend, Gary Silvernail, who often drove her to pick up the money from her stepfather, told FCN:

“He took care of all her money….She had to go down there [to his house] and get the money from him…I was told to sit in the car  for 20 minutes, half an hour. She had to do things I wouldn’t approve of to get her own money.”

It seems obvious that if an individual is subjected to sexual abuse to obtain an income, they should find another source of money. Due to the uncertainty of Brinson’s mental illness, it is difficult to discern whether or not she was capable of working elsewhere. She was found incompetent to be prosecuted in her first two court hearings, but this October, the court reversed itself.

In spite of the decades of sexual abuse by Atkinson, it wasn’t until Brinson suspected him of abusing her 18-month-old daughter that she moved to kill him. She claims she found footage of her daughter, nude, on camera, which let to an altercation and Atkinson’s subsequent death.

Such footage has not yet been located, but Brinson’s defense attorney, Lynn Martin, argued in court last month that Atkinson may have attempted to delete it.

“We believe he attempted to try and erase those, so we want and need to see. Because, in fact, some of the video we saw of her and the victim was in the middle of the tape that appeared to be blank. So we had to play the whole tape until we got until the middle to see the relevant part.”

It is not clear why Brinson would have left her daughter in the care of a man who abused her for years, but again, given her lack of mental clarity (and the lack of details surrounding it), it is difficult to draw concrete conclusions. It is also unclear why she never reported the molestation to “authorities” (perhaps it has something to do with the fact that her abusive stepfather represented “authority” to her). As her trial moves forward, more details may emerge.

But as she told investigators:

Given what he had done to me for 30 years, and what he was fixing to do my daughter,…I know it was not the best way to handle it, but I didn’t see it any other way.”

Instances of pedophilia on the part of cops are consistent in the news, demonstrating yet another manifestation of sadistic individuals who find solace in law enforcement as a means to manipulate and control.

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