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UAE Is Building the World’s First Space Hospital for Astronauts

(MEMO) — The UAE Ministry of Health has announced its plan to establish the world’s first space hospital. As part of the UAE’s national space program, it will help treat astronauts using the latest nanotechnology.

The astronauts will be receiving treatment with the help of nanotechnology controlled by doctors on earth, stated Dr. Kalthoum Al-Balushi, the ministry’s spokeswoman.

The space hospital is due to be tested before its launch, in parallel with the start of the UAE mission to explore the surface of Mars, which is scheduled for 2020.

The Khaleej Times interviewed Terri Karim Lewis, who was appointed by the ministry to plan how the Mars project would work on the ground.

He explained:

“We envisioned the use of nanotechnology for treatment. Doctors would only need to inject nanorobots into the patients’ blood. This will eliminate the need for surgical intervention, as nanorobots will look for the infected cells and treat them from inside.”

Lewis revealed that the project will be tested on the ground before it is launched and explained that the most accurate details of the astronauts’ health status will be known using only an electronic scanning, a technology which is being discovered for the future of artificial intelligence, as he put it.

Using the new generation technology, the government is seeking to provide health care and mobile surgical services throughout the day. This is included in the government’s initiatives such as the UAE 2071, the UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the National Space Science Project, said Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al-Owais, UAE’s Minister of Health.

The minister pointed out that combating and preventing the spread of chronic diseases such as cancer is one of the State’s top priorities.

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