School District Says Wearing Yoga Pants or Skinny Jeans is Dressing Like a Prostitute

Justin King
October 1, 2014

girlswalking(TheAntiMedia) Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, Princess Kate, Debbie Sterling (CEO of GoldieBlox), Abby Martin, Lisa Ling, and The Anti-Media’s own Carey Wedler are all prostitutes. At least that’s the message sent to female students in Devils Lake School District. Image credit: Elin Schönfelder

The school district used clips from the movie Pretty Woman to demonstrate that a girl wearing tight jeans, yoga pants, or leggings is a whore. Girls had their educations interrupted to slut shame them so the male students and teachers can go about their days without being distracted by those shameless hussies. This is the second school to recently decide that the girls were to be punished because male students can’t control themselves, but showing clips from Pretty Woman and flat out saying the girls are dressing like prostitutes takes this to a new low.

Just like Tottenville High School, the school is sending the message that a female’s education is worth interrupting because boys can’t control themselves. By comparing them to hookers, the school also succeeded in telling every boy at the school that if a girl dresses a certain way, she’s a whore to be bought and sold like a commodity.

This is not the 1950s. We have female fighter pilots who wear form fitting flight suits. Do they moonlight on the street corner? Here’s a novel idea: teach boys and your teachers that girls are more than objects. Teach them that a woman’s clothing is not indicative of her working in the sex trade.

In addition to not understanding that it isn’t the 1950s, the school board also appears to be unable to manage funds. The school scored 50% or less in every single category during the state testing. The tiny North Dakota school district with 500 high school students has a deficit of around $850,000 dollars. In an attempt to save money, the school decided to cut some sports programs. All but one of the programs cut were for girls. While not only a sport for girls, cheerleading was also cut.

The school district has other problems as well. In a recent survey, 80% of students said they would be afraid to come out publicly if they were lesbian, bisexual, gay, or trans. It isn’t hard to imagine why. If leggings or yoga pants results in female students being called prostitutes by teachers, it isn’t that much of stretch to believe that a gay student would be called a fag. The Superintendent Scott Privratsky believes the school’s bullying policy is good enough.

Under the policy, what would happen if a student called another student a prostitute because of the way she dressed? It would fall under the sexual harassment section:

Unwelcome sexual slurs, epithets, threats, verbal abuse, derogatory comments or sexually degrading descriptions.

The very same bullying policy designed to protect students from the behavior they received from their own teachers is somehow going to protect gay students.

The Devil’s Lake School District can’t control spending, is rated 2 out 10 by, in state testing the high school scored 50% or less in every category, and somehow girl’s pants are the most important topic. Rather than parents trying to figure out where to get new pants for their daughters, they need to figure out how to get a new school board.

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