US to UN: World Must Punish Russia, or They’ll Use Chemical Weapons in NYC Next

(ANTIWAR.COM Most people may not draw an immediate connection between Salisbury and New York City.  US Ambassador Nikki Haley sees a direct route from the one to the other as part of a Russian chemical weapons plot for which no real evidence exists.

Speaking at an “emergency” UN Security Council session, Haley demanded “immediate, concrete measures” against the Russians based on Britain blaming them for poisonings in Salisbury. She claimed they amount to a chemical weapons attack, and UN credibility is at stake if a permanent council member can do that.

Haley then suggested that the next Russian attack would be against New York City, and that any other city in any other UN Security Council member nation was also a potential target for chemical weapons, unless unspecified actions are taken against Russia.

Russia criticized the “hysterical atmosphere” at the meeting, and has repeatedly denied involvement in the poisoning. Britain has not offered proof of their allegations against Russia, but Haley seemed contented to endorse it publicly.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

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  • Ziland Sirus

    Let me get this straight, the problem isn’t an attempted assassination? It’s the fact that it was attempted publicly and with chemical weapons?

    That’s not a very subtle way of saying that all other forms of assassinations are now encouraged, especially by member states, to help clean up their neighboring government’s of ‘unwanted’ elements within, for their benefits (aka minarchists).

    This has to be the intent, as these people have very intelligent speech writers, no words are spoken without intent.

    France, pretty much proclaimed that as they have managed to stave off minarchists successfully, so they are offering to lead the charge in this endeavor.

    Kuwait, doesn’t sound as though they know what’s going on, and are asking “Aren’t we already doing something against this? What’s going on?”.

    Equatorial Guinea, “You guys deal with this mess, call us when you’re done”.

    Poland, “Leave us out of this”.

    Peru, is basically saying “So this shouldn’t take too long right? Call us when it’s over… Oh and we like you guys!”.

    Sweden, “Hey, we didn’t do nothing! Seriously we have no idea what’s going on. Lalalalalalala”.

    Cote D’Ivoire, “Not our problem! Stop talking to us”.

    Kazakhstan, “Hope you guys don’t get a divorce, please please with a cherry on top?” In other words they hope these guys don’t kill each other off, as they seem to need them.

    Bolivia, “Sup?”.

    Ethiopia, “Lol, what’s going on here? Cmon, can’t you guys just act like adults? Pff”

    China, “We’ve got our eyes on you, don’t mess this up, or else.”.

    Russian Federation, “People of the world, watch carefully as the people that would call themselves your rulers, are completely incompetent and openly say that they believe you to be utter fools” They also make it clear that they see between the lines, and know damned well what’s going on here, and that it will not go unanswered if anyone attempts assassinations on their or any of their allied governments ‘minarchist’ elements (as they have other plans for those, apparently).

    Netherland, “Whatever you say Bob, we’ll do what we want, you can sit in the corner if you want, but we’ll get to you eventually”.

    United Kingdom, “No one cares Bob, mind if I call you Bob?”.

    Russian Federation, “Don’t make me come over there”.

    I don’t know which is worst, Western governments ‘openly’ going after minarchists or Russians and Chinese ‘secretly’ doing the same. Either way, these are games of thrones, and the only way to win is not to play…

    To go for a minachy is to attempt to alter the rules of the game, but it’s still saying that that game itself is worth playing. And minarchists will always lose that game in the end since they’re holding fewer cards.

    Going one god fewer until there are none is the best move. Eternal vigilance is no way to live.