Netanyahu: The Bible Proves Jerusalem Is the Capital of Israel

(ANTIWAR.COM— Visiting Brussels on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not only defended President Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but pressed all European nations to follow his example.

Netanyahu cited the Bible as proof of the position, saying that the Bible makes it clear Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, saying it was “absurd” of European officials not to accept that position out of hand.

The status of Jerusalem, in reality, is intensely contested, because it is religiously significant to multiple religions, and is claimed as the cpaital of not just Israel, but of Palestine as well. That Israel has expanded the definition of “Greater Jerusalem” to include large amounts of Palestine only makes such declarations more controversial.

Indeed, the occupation is a big reason why up Trump’s declaration, no nation had accepted Israel’s claim of Jerusalem as a capital, and everyone had their embassies in Tel Aviv. The rest of the world largely maintains that such a position will remain until the resolution of the occupation and the establishment of permanent borders.

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