Electoral College Voter Defects from Trump, Casts Vote for Ron Paul

(ANTIMEDIA) Since the November presidential election, Democrats have been working on last-ditch efforts to prevent Donald Trump’s confirmation as the nation’s next president.

One petition, signed by millions of Americans, pleaded with the Electoral College to elect Hillary Clinton, arguing she won the popular vote and is more fit for office than Trump, who won the Electoral College in a landslide.

Some 58 members of the electoral college also demanded intelligence briefings from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper regarding recent CIA claims that Russia hacked the elections. Their bipartisan letter to Clapper cast doubt on what might happen during the electoral vote.

As of Monday afternoon, it appears these developments had little effect on the outcome of the electoral college, which has historically voted in line with the election results. Trump has already secured the presidency, but some rebellions across the country have revealed dissatisfaction among some electors.

In a humorous development, one Hillary Clinton elector defected to vote for Bernie Sanders in the state of Minnesota. Though he was promptly replaced by another elector willing to vote for Clinton, the small-scale upset manifested around the country for other candidates.

Notably, a Texas elector cast his ballot Monday for former Rep. Ron Paul, opting not to vote for Trump. Paul ran for office in both 2008 and 2012 on a platform of ending foreign intervention, breaking down ties between crony capitalists and the U.S. government, restoring privacy and other civil liberties, and reigning in the Federal Reserve bank.

Like Sanders, Ron Paul was undermined by the media when he ran for office but has retained enthusiastic support from Americans disillusioned by the two-party system. In addition to the Minnesota elector, Sanders drew an additional two votes; one came from an elector in Maine and another was cast in Colorado. Both votes were thrown out due to state rules.

These anti-establishment figures aren’t the only ones drawing votes from electors who were slated to vote for Hillary or Trump. In Washington, only eight of twelve Hillary electors cast their vote for her; three voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell while one selected Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American elder from South Dakota.

In Texas, one elector selected former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who briefly ran for president in the 2016 cycle. One more elector resigned rather than vote for the President-elect.

In total, NPR reports, “more electors tried to defect from Hillary Clinton Monday than from Trump, by a count of seven to two, as of Monday afternoon.”

Though Trump has been lauded by his supporters as an anti-establishment indictment of the current system, it appears the President-elect’s appointments are shaping up to look much like Clinton’s had she won the election.

As Ron Paul said earlier this year:

“I’ve worked on the assumption … for many, many decades, that whether there’s a Republican or a Democrat president, the people who want to keep the status quo seems to have their finger in the pot and can control things.”

On the bright side, he added:

“‘[M]ore people are discovering that the system is all rigged and voting is just pacification for the voters and it really doesn’t count.”

Apparently, at least a few electors feel the same way.

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