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Mass Graves Found After Mexican Student Protesters’ Stand-Off with Cops Last Week

Cassius Methyl
October 6, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Last week we reported that students in Mexico protested for the rights of teachers, and it ended with 58 of them going missing, 2 being killed, 6 people being killed on a bus, and more.

In a recent development, dozens of charred bodies found in shallow graves have been discovered just outside the small town of  Iguala where the incident originally occured, about 2 hours from Mexico City, an area plagued with corrupt cops, gangsters, and various forms of corruption.

The bodies are currently being identified, and several people believe they will turn out to be the bodies of the missing students.

This event is so catastrophic and surely painful to the people of Mexico, that their president felt he had to speak on it, and vow that the killers of these young men will be caught. Image credit:

The story is now coming out more clearly, but it is still quite complex; the students who remained now say they did not hijack any bus, but simply got on the bus to leave and were followed.

It was also revealed that the police were the people who shot up the bus full of students, killing 6. That totals 9 students shot and killed by police on September 25th.

Perhaps even more revealing, 2 hitmen linked to the Iguala police, who opened fire on these students, admitted to killing 16 students.

President Enrique Pena Nieto said- “This incident is without a doubt shocking, painful and unacceptable”, and “Mexican society and the families of the youths who are regrettably missing rightly demand that the incidents be cleared up and that justice be served”.

About 30 people have been detained, including 22 police officers, regarding this massacre. Originally over 250 officers were detained, the entire police force of this city.

However, several parents of the missing students say authorities are lying to them, and that the bodies found do not resemble the students.

On Sunday, several people blocked a highway between Chilpancingo and Acapulco in protest of how authorities handled this situation.

A man somehow involved in the investigation referred to as ‘Blanco’ said – “Two of the gang’s hitmen told investigators they were ordered by Iguala’s public security director to head to the site of the bus shootings”, and “The two hitmen then received instructions from a Guerreros Unidos leader known as “El Chucky” to take the students and kill them”.

‘Blanco’ continued to say – “They grabbed 17, took them to the top of a hill in Pueblo Viejo where they have clandestine graves and where they say they killed them”

DNA tests are currently underway to confirm or deny this, and the results will take about 2 weeks to be revealed.

Please share this with absolutely as many people as possible. This is a hugely tragic and significant event, one of the worst massacres in Mexican history since the drug war intensified around 2006. There are many things to conclude from this, and many things to be weary of.

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