'Dillary Trumplon': This Guy's Epic Rap Song Just Destroyed Trump AND Hillary

(ANTIMEDIA) The 2016 election has been one for the record books. Somehow, two of the most reviled people in the United States have become the frontrunners for the most powerful job in the country — and the world.

On one hand, there is Donald Trump, the compulsively lying demagogic womanizing egomaniacal billionaire. On the other hand, there is Hillary Clinton, the infinitely corrupt influence peddling war-starter who allegedly cheated her way to the top of the Democratic Party while leaving a number of victims in her wake.

A significant portion of young people would actually prefer that a giant, apocalyptic meteor hit the earth rather than see Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump elected president.

It’s not all bad, though — at least when it comes to the creative art that has been inspired by this nightmare of an election. One such example is “Dillary Trumplon,” a recently released rap song written and performed by Blaise Guerra that’s starting to go viral on social media. From Trump’s demagoguery to Hillary’s war mongering, Guerra leaves no stone unturned.

Listen to the song for yourself, then check out our interview with Blaise below (his responses have been slightly edited and condensed for clarity).

AM: What inspired you to make this song?

Blaise: I was inspired to make the song because I felt very disenfranchised by the way Bernie Sanders sparked such an incredible movement but was completely ignored by the media and given no shot. Yet according to Election Justice USA, without the primaries being fixed, Sanders could have won by a landslide. I felt so cheated when he lost. I knew the Democratic establishment had completely undermined the meaning of democracy and stolen the nomination from him.

“I live in Bayonne, New Jersey, but I was born in northern Vermont and grew up in a town called Stowe. My mother owned a general store and invited Bernie to visit her. He visited her multiple times. My mom always hung ‘Sanders for Senate’ posters on our house every time he ran. I’ve always had an incredible amount of respect for the senator. So when I found out he was running for president, I told all of my friends because I was so excited. They said, ‘Yeah right, he has no shot against Hillary.’ Skip over one year and Sanders won 22 states! The man truly is an inspiration to me. I feel he wasn’t in the race for his own empowerment [and that] he genuinely cared about the people of this country.

AM: What’s with naming your song Dillary Trumplon?

Blaise: The name Dillary Trumplon is used to show how the two candidates represent two different forms of evil. No matter which one wins, we all lose! People are voting for Trump either because they’re ass backward enough to think of him as the savior this country needs, because they’re racists, or because they’re conservatives who hate Hillary.

“People are voting for Hillary either because she’ll be the first woman president, because they are extremely misinformed as to the kind of person she truly is…or because they were Sanders supporters who are absolutely terrified of the idea of Donald trump being in the Oval Office. Regardless, whichever candidate wins, we all lose. Therefore, Dillary Trumplon is inevitably our president.

AM: What’s your main beef with Donald Trump?

Blaise: My main beef with Donald trump is that he exploits and preys on people’s fear. He uses his rhetoric to divide us and make us hate. One thing I think he has brilliantly accomplished is exposing the racist underbelly of the United States that has always existed — he’s just making it okay now.

AM: What’s your main beef with Hillary Clinton?

Blaise: My main beef with Hillary is that she stole the nomination while mocking Sanders supporters, calling them lazy millennials living in mom’s basement. She also preys on our fears of Donald Trump. The Democratic establishment is holding the gun that is Trump to our head and trying to make us rationalize voting for a war monger.

AM: Are you voting? In the video, you slam the two-party system. How do you feel about third-party candidates (Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, for example)?

Blaise: I will be voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. I do not see it as a protest vote because her values and her progressive platform embody every characteristic of what the president of the United States should be. She’s the only candidate who has actively spoken out or played any role in protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) other than former candidate Sanders. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have not uttered one word about what’s going on in North Dakota right now. Even Barack Obama was extremely reluctant to mention his stance on The DAPL.

AM: How old are you? Do you think many young people feel the same way you do about the 2016 election?

Blaise: I am 21 years old. I see certain people my age really waking up and becoming aware of how this country is run and really beginning to see through the media’s bullshit. A lot of kids my age [are] challenging the status quo. There are also a lot of kids my age doing the exact opposite, sticking their heads in the sand and saying, ‘I don’t care who wins, it won’t affect me.’

AM: Where do you think young people (millennials) should go from here?

Blaise: From here, I think millennials need to become more involved — [to] get out and vote. They need to become more involved in politics. Campaigning, running for office, protesting, and speaking against injustice. Millennials need to become more awakened because they don’t realize the amount of power they truly have.

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