DARPA Tech Enables Paralyzed Woman to Fly F-35 Fighter Jet Simulator With Her Mind

Cassius Methyl
March 5, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) DARPA is quite possibly the most dangerous and unpredictable limb of the US Government. Frequently dubbed the “mad science agency”, they are responsible for the creation of the internet (originally the ArpaNet, *not invented by Al Gore), countless robotic remotely controlled weapons of war, TOR (the onion router), and many more incredible and often dangerous technologies.

This week we learned that a paralyzed woman was used to simulate the flight of an F-35 fighter jet using nothing but her mind.

In an ongoing experiment, 55-year-old Jan Scheuermann agreed to have brain implants in 2012, allowing her to control a robotic arm.

Using the electrode implants, she was able to operate the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter simulator.

“Instead of thinking about controlling a joystick, which is what our ace pilots do when they’re driving this thing, Jan’s thinking about controlling the airplane directly,” said the head of DARPA, Arati Prabhakar.

Disregarding the dangers of high technology in the hands of known war criminals, Prabhakar continued to say;

“For someone who’s never flown – she’s not a pilot in real life – she’s flying that simulator directly from her neural signalling.”

“We can now see a future where we can free the brain from the limitations of the human body.”

Prabhakar actually admitted this could lead to “amazing good things” and also“bad things”.

Arati Prabhakar, if this article goes viral enough for you to read this, we have a question:

Why would you accept money from the US Government to develop technologies that are specifically designed to kill people? Why would you focus your mental energy on making technologies that destroy human life? Why would you do that even after admitting they could be used for bad things? Do you know how many innocent people have been killed by drone strikes? Do you know how many innocent families have been literally ripped to pieces by technologies developed by the government apparatus you are now the head of?

Instead of helping fix the world’s problems like starvation, millions of dollars are extracted from the labor of the American people for DARPA’s war-driven technologies. Some would be utterly shocked to discover what DARPA has done in the past.

To everyone else I ask that you please share this with as many people as possible; it’s not a far off chance that the head of DARPA may actually read it. Even if she doesn’t read it,  few people report on DARPA and almost no one places their dangerous technologies in a context like this.

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