Bon Jovi Wears ‘Property of NYPD’ Shirt at Show, Encourages Audience to Support Authority

Cassius Methyl
December 26, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) On Monday, Bon Jovi he took the side of NYPD and wore a shirt to support the two dead NYPD officers at his show in Red Bank, New Jersey, apparently finding those 2 lives to be a higher priority than the over 1000 Americans killed by police this year.

He officially stood with the American police, the police state, and the establishment with a monopoly on violence, and encouraged the entire audience to do so as well.

He said “I’m showing a little solidarity for my brothers in the NYPD and all of those who protect and serve us every day,”

Why did he do this? Well, given the fact that he is who he is, mainstream musician Bon Jovi, he probably did it to get support from people, maybe even financial support from some individuals or entity(s) that we would have no way of knowing about. He is indeed known for publicity stunts and ways of garnering the support of average people.

He apparently wishes to appeal to people who support the status-quo, government, and police in America. These people of course lack perspective on what is going on in America with the police killing unarmed people with impunity (or don’t care) This mainstream musician chooses to appeal to people who have been persuaded to prioritize certain human lives over others and support a system consistently proven to be ineffective to actually protect people.

Of course, Bon Jovi never spoke out about these unarmed Americans being killed by police for months and years before these two killings of police officers. He didn’t seem to care about the thousands of people killed by police for no good reason. So how can one life be worth more than another?

I am certainly not saying the taken lives of the 2 NYPD officers are worth less than the people killed by police, or that the police’s lives are worth any more or less than any life. However, based on the behavior of Bon Jovi, it would seem that he finds there to be more value in an officer’s life, than 1000 other lives taken by officers, a good portion of them being completely unarmed, innocent people.

The hypocrisy must be pointed out by someone just like all hypocrisy, all identifiable errors in judgement or philosophy, for the sake of true moral consistency which obviously few people have. All instances in which groups of people have undying support for a group of people despite the crimes committed by this group, or the morality of this group (in reference to the government and their enforcement mechanism, the police), should probably be called out for moral inconsistency, should they not?

So, how can over 1000 people be killed by police in America just this year, and people like Jon Bon Jovi only care about 2 police officers who were killed?

This flawlessly illustrates the priorities of certain people, illustrates the double standard of concern for human life that is present in America, and sadly illustrates the failure of certain people to apply standards and moral stances consistently in their lives with what they support, believe in, and have faith in.

If people are being convinced to support a body of people when they think those people are doing good, and in reality they are doing the exact opposite of what these people think they are doing, it’s just the duty of the people in the society who witness this whole thing going on to try to wake up the other members of the society. At least, that’s what we believe, and that’s why this was written. Unfortunately, the depth of cognitive dissonance is astoundingly deep in most Americans who still refuse to see the immorality, corruption, and lack of regard for human life present in the government and their enforcement mechanism. You may think it’s pointless to keep trying to wake people up who are not even close to awake yet, but maybe there is still a chance.

Here’s another metaphor that is comparable to this, a hypothetical situation that can perfectly illustrate the cognitive dissonance I see in this failure to use consistent morality and reasoning.  Say a US Military soldier was killed while helping occupy Afghanistan.

The mainstream media, the establishment, and certain sellouts like Bon Jovi would be all over this, to actually capitalize off of the death of a soldier by showing support for him publicly. This would be an opportunity to create more pro-war, pro-empire propaganda; you know that would be capitalized upon to the fullest. This isn’t so hypothetical, because it has happened before.

So, those people supporting this hypothetical dead soldier would be completely ignoring the thousands of innocent people killed by drone strikes in the Middle East, killed by US Forces with no consequence, without a word of objection in the American mainstream media. They would ignore the fact that the people the soldier worked for actually have killed more innocent people than soldiers who have died, and the soldiers are assisting in the killing of innocents, so are they really innocent?

All of these important facts are obviously ignored to bring the general public a great big message of propaganda; a system is consistently utilized to have the general public supporting the state, and this system needs figureheads and celebrities, people like Bon Jovi, to help make people pro-military, pro-war, not concerned with the moral implications of what the US Government is doing. They work with the media obviously, and need figureheads and celebrities for the general consensus of supporting empirical conquest under the guise of helping people.

To sum it up one more time, though it’s probably abundantly clear, this Bon Jovi thing illustrates what you could call a collective mental disorder in America,  present in certain individuals who follow mainstream narratives and trust the establishment; supporting one form of human life over another, being ignorant of countless other people who lost their lives because a person like Bon Jovi is convincing them to support NYPD. That is moral inconsistency.

To value the lives of 2 officers over 1000+ killed by police this year in America, to care more about the death of one soldier occupying a country that should not be occupied while ignoring the thousands of people killed by drone strikes and the military itself in the same area, that is the cognitive dissonance, a double standard, and failure to properly understand the value of life.

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I just think it’s important to call out any double standard, any cognitive dissonance, any failure to recognize reality.

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